Brendan Gillatt

Imperial College London Past Papers

This collection of Imperial College EEE / ISE Past Papers was started over at Fogma.

Gary has been maintaining this list for the last 15 years—and doing a fantastic job of it! I certainly found the site to be an invaluable resource when I was an undergraduate at Imperial. Since then he has handed over the reigns for me to host.

This cache is only kept alive if somebody keeps sending fresh past papers! Gary and I have both left the university so do not have access to past papers. If there are missing papers, please send them over! My email address is listed on the Contact Page.

Please note that I take no responsibility for the accuracy or timeliness of the content on this site!

I will leave this footnote from Fogma:

If you find this page useful and you see someone in the Union bar with a "DramSoc Crew" T-Shirt on, then buy them a drink and tell them they "owe Gary the oldlag a drink" ;-) (that was a serious suggestion by the way - I've put quite a bit of effort into this page and I'm getting no reward from it, but if my friends randomly get brought drinks then that will make it all worthwhile!!)