Brendan Gillatt


The code below is all licensed under the GNU GPL unless otherwise stated. Feel free to use and modify my code so long as you do so under the license.


Most of this stuff is at the testing stage so expect updates.

Unfortunately, my host has not got the facilities to set up a CVS or Subversion server. I'm considering putting some of this code on Sourceforge, but that seems like a little overkill.

If you want older versions of the code for any reason, I may still have them but don't count on it. Please contact me if you are interested.

The Code

Name Language Description Version Size Platform
PIC24F Test Project C Basic project for getting a PIC24F device up and running. 1.0 1.4KB Windows / PIC
Meizu-Mapper PHP Creates a map viewable with a Meizu M6 MiniPlayer from a Google Maps URL. 1.0 3KB Cross-Platform
Free Inter-Notes PHP A fast and easy to use note taker, to-do list, etc. 1.0 6KB Cross-Platform
RM Filtering Spoofer C A spoofing Ident server for use in conjunction with my article, Breaking the RM Filter. 1.0 3KB Windows
DT Mapping System Various A conglomeration of various bits of information for my Design Technology project—a rugged mapping system. This is meant to be presented as a whole, along with the finished product and writeup. There is some useful example code for a Nokia 6100 LCD, the QT160 chip, the PIC 18F4620 and SD memory card routines. Various N/A N/A
C-Font PHP Renders TrueType fonts into C header declarations. 1.00 196KB Cross-Platform